Director’s Message


Welcome to the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith here at Concordia University of Edmonton!

I feel so privileged to be a part of a community of such competent scholars who are passionate about their own academic disciplines and the Christian Faith. We are excited about sharing the insights that come out of our various disciplines and how they, to quote our mission statement, “illuminate the relationship between the Christian Faith, academic learning and the contemporary world”.

There is currently an explosion of learning and knowledge that has profound implications for the Christian Faith—some negative and some positive. Our conviction is that the Christian Faith is alive and well. Furthermore, we still think that the background of the Christian Faith has much to contribute knowledge and learning in a university setting.

I have a personal passion for mission of CCSCF since, as a Biblical Scholar and Theologian, I am very engaged in the world of Religion and Pop Culture. I know that religion is all around us—even in a so-called post-christian culture. Religious themes and imagery are ubiquitous in the media, marketing, sports, technology and the like. Yet I have such respect for scholars who come from other disciplines, who know things that I don’t, especially the sciences since I’m an “arts” person. I appreciate these scholars from various disciplines who can illuminate the Christian Faith from a different perspective.

We also share a passion for disseminating knowledge and learning amongst the general public. We think that education is a gift to be shared in community.

We invite you to join our community of scholarship and the public in an ongoing dialogue to understand our existence in the ever-increasingly complex world we live in. We welcome your contributions to our community of learning!


Dr Bill Anderson
Director of the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith