Friday and Saturday 24th-25th March 2017

Proposal Guidelines and Submissions

Papers and Presentations along the lines of the theme of 500 Years of Reformation may be approached interdisciplinarily from the Humanities and Social Sciences and from the subdisciplines of philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, history, culture, art and ethics. There is a broad range of possible topics with some overlap. This list is neither exhaustive nor intended to be restrictive: Reformation and Biblical Studies, Reformation and Theology, Reformation and Education, Reformation Economics, Reformation and Politics, Reformation and Ethics, Reformation and the Arts, Reformation and Law, Reformation and Literature, Reformation and the Sciences, Reformation and Modernism, Reformation and Authority, Reformation and Philosophy.

Paper proposals should include an abstract of 150-300 words outlining the topic related to the theme, method and purpose. The paper should be close to 2500 words. The presentation should last around 25 minutes with approximately 5 minutes for question and answer. PowerPoint, DVD and Internet are available for the presentation.

Deadline for proposal submission is 21st March 2017. Scholars who want their original unpublished papers for the conference published in our online journal the Canadian Journal for Scholarship and the Christian Faith may submit them for adjudication at any time. Fill out the form below to submit an abstract for the conference.

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