2014 Conference Testimonials



“The Arts for me, whether in the form of a painting or a drama presentation, call upon my emotions, thoughts and feelings very quickly. I am eager to enter into dialogue, a sort of sharing of my story, whether in personal reflection or with someone who cares to listen. So thank you to Bill Anderson, his committee and the presenters for giving me this opportunity to connect with my faith journey through this event.”

Cheryl Williams

“I appreciate the idea and the effort that went into planning, selecting participants, and organizing the event. The Fine Arts have been a very big part of my life and hearing from others who express their faith in Jesus through the various expressions of the Arts was very gratifying and inspiring to me.”

Connie Bromley

“Marilyn Grabinsky’s presentation was moving and inspiring. I loved how she wove the words from Psalm 139 to relate to us the struggles she encountered with her physical and mental health as she pursued her love for painting, and how not only her faith grew through those struggles, but she came to realize that she is truly an artist and she is pursuing what she loves. So many of her paintings reflect her faith. As a fellow artist, I could identify with what she has gone through and feel inspired to keep on with my love for painting and to realize it’s not just the paint; it’s the spiritual journey that goes with it.”

Janet Kraemer

“I enjoyed the weekend very much. The small special interest sessions were the best. My favourite session was led by Marilyn Grabinsky where she outlined her struggles as an artist. Well done, Marilyn!”

Barry Bromley “P.S. The food was excellent. Thank you.”

“What a treat to see, hear, and meet other artists who are believers!”

Marilyn Grabinsky

“God created us in His image, and I believe that we too long to be creators. Attending ‘The Fine Arts and the Christian Faith’ conference re-awakened an artistic desire in me. I loved the idea from one of the presenters about how to create a ‘visual journal’ – a booklet of drawings, or paintings, or collages, consisting of pictures and/or words. Ideas to include in it ranged from favourite Scriptures, poetry, a record of gratitude or a ‘dream board’ (identifying a wish or a prayer). The presenter encouraged us to free ourselves from the ‘fear of the white page’ and to be permission-giving.”

Ruth Strand

“The conference rekindled my imagination button. I was most taken with the talent of the presenters – speakers, singers, actors – they were all excellent!”

Mike Williams

“I was spoiled for two days, being bathed in the many art forms of music, drama, dance, visual art…..all expressing something about who God is and being reminded how we are made to be creative and imaginative since we’re made in the likeness of the ultimate Creator. (And we were absolutely spoiled with the many delicious snacks and meals that were included!)”

 Kathy Ansell

“The conference helped me more fully appreciate and understand what artists do, and how important the Arts are for helping us better understand, appreciate, and more effectively convey the Gospel.”

Jonathan Strand

“I was struck by the comment that ‘the task of art today is to “re-enchant” the world’. Christianity, the Church, objective reality, goodness, reason and truth need to be re-enchanted today, and art can help this happen.”

Michael Gillingham